Attractions at The Maize at Grandpa's Farm.



Hay Mountain


The Widest slide in Billings. Lots of fun for you and a friend!

Tube Slide


From the top of Hay Mountain shooting you down like water in a culvert.

Pig Races

Take a rest, sit, watch and cheer for your favorite pig.

Maybe you can volunteer.


Races scheduled; 

Wed 7:30pm

Fri 7:30pm

Sat 10:30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm, 7:30pm

(406) 696-6266
Email us:

58th St. West & Grand Ave
Billings, MT
General Admission - $10
Admission During Haunting $13
**Haunting only Fri. & Sat.
   Nights in October** 
TRIAXE axe throwing  -
10 Minutes - $3 per person
15 Minutes - $8 per person
30 minutes - $45 (up to 6 people)

Wednesday 6PM - 9PM

Fridays  6PM - 10PM

Saturday  10AM - 10PM

Fridays in Oct 10am-10pm

 Thur Oct 15th 10am -9pm

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